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is a useful source of information and help for both software and hardware problems and sections include Technical Support and Games

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About this site

This web site has been designed to provide some background information for the Philips amBX ambient lighting system. This system has now been discontinued and Philips no longer support it. This site deals specifically with the hardware, which is: the wallwasher, the power supply, the sidelights, the fans, the wrist rumbler and the subwoofer and speakers. Go to the amBX forum for all software and games related queries, hardware queries you can’t find an answer to here, and other aspects of the amBX system.

I have tried to keep things simple, but there is a lot of technical information. I don’t have any official information, such as circuit diagrams or service manuals etc. to work with. Everything on these site regarding the circuit operation and circuit diagrams is what I’ve worked out myself from the disassembly of the various parts. As far as I’m aware, what I’ve written and the diagrams I’ve supplied are correct. However, this site is for information only and any work you do on the amBX equipment is at your own risk.

Some parts can be easily damaged. Read the information and warnings on the pages before starting any work.

There is information on dealing with faults, and repairs. At present, the only defect I’ve had is a faulty LED. Without disconnecting other components, I’ve not been able to give accurate details, such as test point readings, for when a component is faulty. There are some guidelines there as to what I expect the readings or symptoms to be but, unless I’ve been able to simulate a fault, some of it is guesswork. However, I think what I’ve written is correct. If you find any errors or have further information, please let me know. Also see the Help wanted page.

Some of the information, such as circuit diagrams etc., are available in a better quality PDF format - see the Downloads page. If you want to follow a circuit or circuit description, it is much easier to download and print out the diagrams rather than looking at them online.

There is still more work to be done. At present, I’ve mainly concentrated on the accessories, rather than the wallwasher itself. Many faults that have been reported are to do with the lights. Whilst I’ve not covered the wallwasher lights faults yet, some of the faults that occur on the wallwasher, such as no light of one colour, only half of one colour lit, or flickering LEDs, are the same as those that occur on the sidelights. Some of the actions taken to solve the sidelight faults may also be relevant to the wallwasher lights.

Sometimes mention may be made to a specific item, cable, part or tool. Further information about these may be found on the Components \ Where to buy page, together with details of some suppliers.

This site is dedicated to Michael, who gave me the inspiration to have the patience and persevere with the work involved
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