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Watch this page for any additional information, updates to the site, etc.

There shouldn’t be any, but if you find and dud links, please report them.




I’ve not uploaded everything I wanted to yet but, following the removal of the PSU from the subwoofer, I’ve updated the information on the Subwoofer PSU page and transferred some of the relevant information over from the amplifier page. I have also uploaded a newer version of the subwoofer amplifier PCB regulator circuit diagram to the Downloads page.


I’m still working on the site. Meanwhile, I’ve done some cosmetic work on the wallwasher internal power supply circuit diagram and also added some test points. The test points will be used when fault finding the wallwasher (this section will be added shortly).


I’ve done some cosmetic work on the main circuit diagrams - changed the arrow head to a tail where the supply is incoming (e.g. as in the wallwasher sidelight interface circuit). I’ve also put the mini-din wallwasher sockets the other way up where they are shown on the diagrams and pin-outs. They now match the same position when looking at the back of the wallwasher.


I hope to be doing some work to the site over the coming week to add further information and possibly some minor site changes. Although any existing information shouldn’t be lost, the changes may be made in stages rather than all at once and so it’s possible that some page references may not make sense until I do the final checks. Please bear with me!.


Faults and repairs / Initial checks page expanded


Text updated on wallwasher internal power diagram


Wallwasher lights diagram to amended to show DA1 and DA2 labelling the correct way round.


I am no longer answering questions or dealing with problems by e-mail. Please post any problems on the amBX forum and I will read them there. See the Contact/Comments page for more information


I have added the Feedback page.

Any comments to feedback received via the comments form will be posted here


I have finally added the information on opening the wallwasher Wallwasher main unit \ Wallwasher - opening

I have also confirmed that the type of plug (not the PSU as it’s a higher voltage) used on the the 19.5v Sony Vaio laptop is a suitable replacement for use on the amBX PSU. Components \ Where to buy


I have now done the bulk of the work regarding the wallwasher information and that has been uploaded. This includes:

The wallwasher unit circuit diagram

The wallwasher circuit description

I have also added information on the speakerlights, including the control panel circuit diagram and description.

The Pin-outs have been updated with additional information and colour co-ordinated with the other circuits where possible.

There have also been a few changes to the existing pages / information

There are still a few things to finish and I hope to complete them as I get the time.