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I can be contacted via Personal Mail on the amBX forum   (user name = Rogmi )

If you have any query regarding the amBX system (hardware, software, problems etc.), please post a message in the relevant section of the amBX forum. There are many experienced people on the forum who can help you out. It also means that other people can see your post and the replies and this may help them if they have a similar problem.

Please use the box below ONLY to report any problems with the site or if you have any feedback on the site. No personal details are collected.

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I sometimes get questions sent to me (via the comments box below) asking for my help with an amBX problem. In the past I have replied with an e-mail giving help and information where possible. This has sometimes taken up a lot of my time, which I haven’t minded. However, I am fed up with people not bothering to reply to my e-mail or to even say thank you.

I am no longer going to give advice by e-mail. If you have a problem, please post a message on the amBX forum in the Technical Support and Feedback  section (you will have to register if not already a member of the forum).

Any technical queries or requests for assistance messages sent from the box will be ignored

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