Components etc. - where to buy

This page lists some of the items / products mentioned on the site - where to get them or where to see a description. There are different places where these or a similar product can be bought. Although suppliers are mentioned, this is just an indication and not necessarily a recommendation or the cheapest. Maplin is often more expensive, but they are convenient if they have a store near where you live.

Where there is a code for the product, I have put the supplier’s initial followed by the product code,

e.g. M FS69A. M is the supplier (Maplin) and FS69A is the product code. When searching for the item on the supplier’s web site, do not enter the initial, just the code. The supplier’s web address is on the links page. Shop around. Sometimes there can be a big difference in price. There may be more than one option for a product. Any codes I’ve listed here are just as a guide

C - Cabling4less - web

CG - CablesToGo

F - Farnell - web

J - JAB electronic components

L - Laptopsockets

M - Maplin  Electronics - web and stores    catalogue available in store

R - Rapid Electronics - web  catalogue available for download - Download it so you can browse it offline.


Solder tweezers  R 85-6610

Tweezer test probe  R 17-2230

4mm SMD probe  R 17-0515

Micromini probe  R 17-0300

ESD tweezers  R 86-1536

Double magnifying glass for spectacles  M N30GC

Loupes - jewellers’ eyeglass  M N39FA

Illuminated magnifying glass  M A29FF

Multimeter - cheap, includes diode tester  M N20AX

Oscilloscope - PoScope Basic2

Pearl catcher  M N24FA

Connectors and cables

Connector cables / Flexible jumper leads  M FS69A

8-pin mini-din all pins connected CG  28181

VGA High Density 15 way plug  R 15-0206

VGA High Density 15 way socket  R 15-0207

D connector cover (hood for VGA plug / socket)  R 15-0235

D-Sub case 9 way (VGA HD 15 way fit into these) R 15-0250

5 - pin mini-din line plug  J DIN-MP5  (or modify a 6-pin plug - see Fan page)

7-pin mini-din (audio) use the 8-pin below

8-pin mini-din line plug  F 120-0107

8-pin mini din line socket  F 120-0110

PSU line plug  L JSBP5 look under DC jacks

also see SONY VAIO 19v5 plug (tip) on e-bay etc.

at present, there is a plug and cable lead available here:
PSU PCB socket  L DC3A

PSU cable (see PSU page)  L DC66

15-pin fully wired VGA 2m extension cable M-F  C 26-0020MF  See the same site page for other lengths

15-pin VGA gender changer M-M adaptor  C AD-121

15-pin VGA gender changer F-F adaptor  C AD-122

15-pin M-F monitor port saver  C AD-666

Solderless LED holders  R 55-0167