Sidelight - general

The lights without speakers are referred to on this site as Sidelights. The lights with speakers are referred to as Speakerlights.

The PCBs for the lights are the same in both the sidelight and speakerlight, although the wire colours may be different in the speakerlights.

Plugs and sockets can eventually be damaged by their insertion and removal. If you want to protect the sidelight sockets on the wallwasher, buy a monitor port saver. Originally sold to protect the VGA sockets on PCs, this is a back-to-back M-F VGA adaptor. It plugs into the wallwasher socket and is secured in place with the thumbscrews. The sidelight is then plugged into this. If you want to unplug the sidelight, then you just unplug the sidelight plug, leaving the port saver on the wallwasher. The port saver only costs a couple of pounds and is much simpler to replace than trying to replace a damaged wallwasher socket.

if you need to calibrate the lights, see the Calibrating page.