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This site is well worth a visit, with lots of information and a wide selection of pictures from the films.

Gives full details of  non-verbal films that are available. (films with music and no spoken word). The music is by

artists such as Philip Glass and Michael Stearns. The views and content are taken from around the world.

There are also other interesting films to watch on site or via links.

Baraka is the best and a must have. Some of the scenes are very moving. Baraka is now available in Blu-Ray

and is probably the best DVD you can get to demonstrate the capability of HD televisions.

Chronos, by the director of Baraka is another good film with an amazing soundtrack by Michael Stearns.

This is followed by the Qatsi trilogy - Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi.

All these are something you can leave running in the background, or just sit and watch. The best way to watch is with a decent size TV and a surround system.

Microcosmos is a fascinating close up study of 24 hours in a meadow - children will love it!


Music by various artists who are selling their music on this site. Some of the stuff is very good. A wide variety of choice, many are unobtainable to buy as CDs in the shops or elsewhere. You can also listen to all the

full tracks online for free.

Magnatune have introduced a system where you pay a set fee per month (currently $15 (around £10)) and can

download as much as you want from their range during that time. They use recurring billing, which I never use on debit or credit cards due to lack of control over it. However, all payments are through Paypal and a recurring

payment set up by Paypal is controlled by yourself.

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