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Good, cheap software. Very useful. I use PagePlus extensively for booklets, DrawPlus for drawing etc.

This site was created in WebPlus, and diagrams etc. were either created in DrawPlus or PagePlus. You can download a cut-down version of the software for free from the Serif site.

If you fancy the software, ring them up and haggle! You’ll get a good bargain and won’t pay the full price that’s on their site. Better still, get on their mailing list for silly price offers of earlier versions. E.g. the previous version of the Plus series (PagePlus, DrawPlus WebPlus, MoviePlus and PhotoPlus) can usually be had for £10 each or less.

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A useful source of mostly free software, (donate via Paypal if you wish to support the authors).

There is a wide range of software available - all portable. This means that it isn’t installed on the host computer but runs from a rewritable media where the programme is located, such as on a USB stick. Very useful. You can of course always store and run the programmes from your PC’s hard drive in exactly the same way if you wish.

An interface is available to download which will collect the programmes together and allow them to be run just by selecting them, or you can just run the programmes individually yourself. \the interface is on the main page of the site and comes with some applications. Others can be downloaded by clicking on the applications tab on the page which will take you to the Portable App Directory. There is just about everything there that you are likely to need. Some of the software is often mentioned in the PC magazines.

Portable software is very useful if you are going from PC to PC and want to make sure that you always have the programmes you want with you.

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Another source of portable software of all sorts, all freeware by Nir Sofer.

Like PortableApps.com, this site is also well worth a visit.

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Suppliers of all sorts of computer hardware, spares etc.

I’ve always found Ebuyer a good firm to deal with. They have  awide selection and generally prices are reasonable. If anything is faulty or fails under guarantee, I’ve found that Ebuyer have been quick to replace the faulty item.

Spybot SD
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Supplies etc.

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Suppliers of ink cartridges. The price includes postage, so the price you see is what you pay. With the compatible cartridges, you usually gain by the special “buy two get one free” etc. offers. All my orders have arrived the next day. Useful if you’re in a hurry for something.

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Spyware and adaware tools and information