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You will probably have arrived here from another site. As I have a few sites, I decided to make the links a separate site for ease of updating and to save repeating the same thing. To go back to the original site, keep pressing the “Back to the previous page” button, or use your browser back button.

This site contains a few links. Generally, they are what I’ve found useful or interesting. There are plenty of links on all sorts of subjects that I could add, but it will take time for me to sort them out. Check the  STATUS  on the left to see when this site has been updated.


Get a free Giffgaff Sim

GiffGaff Pay As You Go mobile

Cheap mobile calls (10p/min to landline and other mobiles)

Free GiffGaff to GiffGaff user calls, texts and video calls

Completely unlimited Data (internet) as part of a bundle, or 20p/20Mb

Free calls to Freephone numbers

Great value Goodybags from £5, with unlimited data, unlimited texts and 250 minutes for £10.

Pay As You Go (not bundle) price summary:

Calls, texts, call forwarding and video calls to giffgaff        Free

Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines and call forwarding      10p per minute

Texts to other UK mobiles and landlines                          6p per text

Voice mail                                                                 8p per call

Mobile Internet (up to 20MB)                                        20p a day

Free phone numbers (starting 080 & 0500)                      Free

Click on the banner above to see further details of all the bundles (see the More Info on prices link towards the bottom of that page)

GiffGaff is part of O2 and runs on the O2 network. You can use a GiffGaff sim card in an O2 phone simply by swapping the GiffGaff sim with the existing O2 sim. Or you can use the sim in an unlocked phone. If you want to buy a new phone and also join GiffGaff, simply buy an O2 phone and swap sims straight away (that’s what I did). It is also very easy to transfer your existing mobile number to your GiffGaff sim once you have the PAC code from your existing supplier.

You can get a GiffGaff sim card by clicking on the banner above and filling in your address (I don’t see any of that information, it goes direct to GiffGaff).

If you apply from that page, you get an additional £5 credit when you make your first top up and I also get £5. If you apply via the banner of another GiffGaff customer, you get an additional £5 and they get £5.

If you apply for a SIM card directly from the GiffGaff site, you don’t get the additional £5. Therefore, it’s better to apply for the sim card via an existing customer (me preferably :-) )