Highgate NB policeman. Highgate NB. Goodge St SB operation. Basic signalling. Departing a station.
Highgate NB policeman
Notes and animation showing the operation of the policeman in Highgate NB platform
Goodge Street SB operation
Notes showing signal operation at an automatic area station
Basic Signalling
The basics of signal operation
Includes two animations - train entering / departing a station, and a train departing a station with another train
Temporary dual aspects
Such as at signals E122, E193, etc
Temporary dual aspects. Temporary dual aspect. Departing a station - train following.
Bobbing signals
Bobbing signals.
Pop-up signals
Pop-up signals.


These pages contain various signalling information and are designed to give some background information into the way signals operate and the way that you see them behave when out on the road. Don’t expect anything too detailed. The aim is to try and keep things as simple as possible to make things easy to follow.

The files are generally in the form of a set of notes with explanatory diagrams, some of them going through a process step by step. In some cases, an animation is available as well as the notes.

The notes are in PDF format                         and the animations are in  ShockWave Flash (SWF)


These animations look fine when I view the site on the internet, but there are some problems when viewed via the LUL intranet - I don’t know if this is common to all computers connected to the intranet or not or whether it depends on the software used to view the files.

The files will run, but the colours do not always show correctly. E.g., the signal posts are red instead of black and some track circuits show up as red instead of blue or black. The colours on the accompanying PDF notes are correct. If anybody knows the reason for this, then please let me know!

Click on the button to open the file

There are just a few files here at present, but I hope to increase these, covering different aspects of the signalling as I get the time.

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