Philips amBX PC and ambient lighting system

The amBX lighting system is an add-on kit to give sensory effects when playing games or watching films on the PC.

The full kit has two sidelights, three lights in a wallwasher two fans, a wrist rumbler and a subwoofer / speaker system.

The basic kit comprises the sidelights and wallwasher, the extension kit contains the fans and rumbler, the premium kit contains everything.

The lights are also ideal for when you want ambient lighting and can be programmed in various ways:

to change colour to reflect what’s displayed on the screen

to change colour with the music

to have the colour set for each light

to have all the lights set at one colour

to have the lights individually working in various patterns etc. as chosen by yourself

The more lights you have, the better the display - three wallwashers and six sidelights will give a total of fifteen individually programmable lights. I can personally recommend these for ambient lighting and they are very effective.

Unfortunately, Philips no longer make the original amBX systems any more, although there are still some available if you shop around on the internet.

However, Madcatz have now brought out amBX lights that work in the same way as the Philips lights, so all is not lost.

Full support for all aspects of the amBX systems is available from the amBX forum.

The amBX hardware site has been designed to provide some background information for the Philips amBX ambient lighting system. This system has now been discontinued and Philips no longer support it. This site deals specifically with the hardware, which is the wallwasher, the power supply, the sidelights, the fans and the wrist rumbler.

Some of the things on the site are:

Circuit diagrams, with better quality ones available for download
Plug and socket pin-outs
Faults and repairs - includes flickering lights and no lights and other LED problems
Testing LEDs
Power supply (PSU) information
Unit / wallwasher dead
Extending the cables - DIY and where to buy ready-made
Components list
Suppliers and stockists
Calibration information

Madcatz lights review and extending the Madcatz cables

amBX hardware site. amBX forum.